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About Us

-Our mission-

To work hard on making your yard the most beautiful landscape of your neighborhood.

About us

Because we love what we do, we work on our projects every day giving our best performance, doesn’t matter if the project is small or big. Our workday starts early and we do not finish until we get the job done.
In Jacksonville, Florida we are renown for our quality service and the fair prices we offer. All of our staff share the same values of the company: passion, efficient, professional and always on time.


The Birth of Pyramid Lawn Services

In 2005 Jose Luis Blandon decided to venture into the lawn care business. In the beginning, he only had a few resources, but with his knowledge, hard work and professionalism, he turned his dream into a reality and made Pyramid Lawn Services the successful company that it is today.

Our founder Jose Luis Blandon, B.Sc.(Agr.) with his son.
Our founder Jose Luis Blandon, B.Sc.(Agr.) with his son.


All our clients are like an extended family. We want you to think of us every time you need something done to your lawn. Feel free to contact us anytime if there’s something you would like to inquire about.

Our mission

To work hard on making your yard the envy of your neighborhood.

Our essence

At our core, Pyramid operates on hard work and passion.

Our promise

We will work on your project with the professionalism that distinguish us.

Our experience

More than a decade of business operation with experts at your service.

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