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Backyard Design Ideas That Your Dogs Will Love

Do you have dogs that frequent your backyard? If so, why not make life as comfortable and enjoyable as possible for them? You don’t need to go all out and build a doggy playground or anything, but there are a handful of simple upgrades you can make to your backyard that will improve your dog’s quality of life. In case you want to help give your dog the best life possible, let’s take a look at some backyard design ideas you can implement.

  • Shade

No dog wants to be in the sun all day. Especially if your furry friend has dark fur, he or she is going to need a comfortable spot to get away from the overbearing presence of those solar rays. A patio area can be the perfect spot for this. There are many types of patios you can build, and you may already have one. When it comes to protecting your pup, though, you should consider a patio cover or permanent installation that won’t rot or warp. A fiber cement patio ceiling, for instance, would be a great choice.

A smaller, doggy-tent is another choice for those who don’t want to install a new patio cover or a dog house. These come in many varieties and can usually be purchased at your local pet store, as well as some hardware departments.

  • Water Features

Another way to help your dog cool off or provide hours of entertainment for them is by installing some kind of water feature. A shallow pond or pool that they can wade in is one of the easiest and most common additions. Another good idea is a drinking fountain that dispenses water when they step on a pedal near it. Installing something like this can prevent you from having to constantly refill their water dish and will ease the worries of owners when away from their dog for the day.

If you do decide to install a water feature or a small pool, make sure to add some good drainage and porous paving around it so that no muddy puddles develop. Such paving can mean the difference between good, clean fun for your pet and a giant, muddy mess on the daily.

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  • Decking

Decking can be the perfect spot to hang out with your pets without having to go all the way into the backyard itself. Attached right to your home, durable composite decking makes for an excellent option. No paw splinters, here! Unless your dogs have had their nails removed, they will scratch up regular decking material something fierce. You’ll want to use a decking calculator to see how much area you are working with and how much it will cost you before starting your project. Once your new deck is installed, you might want to get a cozy outdoor doggy bed so your furry friend can have a comfortable place to snooze.

Dogs Aren’t Hard to Please

It takes very little effort to provide your dogs with a backyard that will keep them happy, healthy and boredom-free for as long as they’re there. By adding some more shade, installing a water feature like a pool or drinking fountain, and incorporating durable decking that can handle a bit of wear and tear, you can create a delightful space that’s sure to keep those tails wagging.

Jordan Swift is a contributor to Innovative Building Materials. He is a blogger and a content writer for the building materials industry with an interest in landscaping and outdoor remodeling. Jordan is focused on educating homeowners, contractors, and architects on innovative materials and methods of construction that increase property value, improve sustainability, and create a warm and welcoming ambiance.


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