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How to choose a commercial landscape service

How to choose the best commercial groundskeeping and landscape maintenance service for your business

Your property grounds and landscape are the first areas to catch your customers’ attention when they visit your business, it is imperative you make a good first impression.

One can think choosing a groundskeeping service is a simple task: you ask for a few bids and choose the lowest one, but taking this approach will backfire in the long run. You want to pay for quality service that is effective.

You need to consider a variety of factors other than cost when choosing the right maintenance service provider.

Here are the most important criteria.

Man in garden listing needs on sheet of paper
List all of your groundskeeping needs

Identify your needs

Different companies offer different services. Distinguish what are you looking for, what services do you need? are you comfortable with chemical applications? or are you looking for a more “green” care approach?

Conditions of your commercial landscape

Is your property in need of work prior to starting a maintenance service? Maybe it needs improvements before the routine maintenance.

Set a list of needs and objectives so you can prepare the right kinds of questions to ask a landscape maintenance provider that way you will distinguish if you are working with a professional. You don’t want to just contact them and tell them to come to check your property and bid, you want to put them on the spot, and ask the right questions.

Business team discussing their groundskeeping needs
Discuss with your team all your groundskeeping needs

Learn about the service providers

You can choose the service provider you want. But before making your choice, you should talk to service providers to learn more about what they offer.

Knowledge and experience

As part of your fact-finding, always be on the lookout for reputable companies that will not shy away from answering your questions about their programs, your specific needs, their qualification, etc.

Prompt and on-site

They must be able to deploy their personnel at your company’s location in no time and this requires for the provider to have a well-organized system into attending their clients’ needs.

Timing and availability

Search for an always on-time maintenance provider that is capable to intervene even off the working hours.

The service provider you pay needs to be at the location on time or as soon as they are inferred about a problem.

Approving a landscape maintenance contract

Make your choice

What are your thoughts about service providers?

Review the information you collected from the service providers. It’s helpful to have a discussion with your team. Most of the time the service supervision will be delegated to them.

Do not forget the big picture

Everyone can recognize when the grass needs mowing but you may forget about the replacements of plants needed in a few months ahead or the irrigation/drainage systems maintenance.

Try to not just keep up with everything but to be proactive, you need to think long-term with your maintenance services and make sure the company you choose is also working toward your goals, whether that’s renovating high-traffic areas or making your property more efficient.

Now you have a better understanding of how to choose a groundskeeping/landscape maintenance service and you are able to make the best decision for your company. If you have any question feel free to contact me or leave a comment. If your company is located in Jacksonville Florida do not forget to take in consideration the best landscape maintenance company in the area.

*This article was originally posted on LinkedIn’s Pulse site
Jose Luis Blandon

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  1. Jocelyn McDonald
    August 2, 2018

    My husband and I just moved into a home with a huge yard, and neither of us wants to take care of it, so we bother degrees on a landscaping service. Your article had some great tips for doing this, and I liked how you said to make a list of questions you have to ask a potential contractor, and this will tell you if they’re professional. Thanks for the help; we’ll keep this in mind when choosing the contractor best for us.

  2. Lillian Schaeffer
    August 31, 2018

    Thanks for letting me know that knowledge and experience are important when hiring a landscaping service. My husband and I just moved into our first house, so we don’t have any of the equipment to take care of a lawn. We want to hire a professional to do it for us, so we’ll definitely find someone with good knowledge and experience.

  3. Arthur Morrison
    January 10, 2019

    I agree, you will definitely want a company that will easily answer any questions you have about their programs, qualifications, etc. After all, you will be relying on this company to handle the maintenance of your commercial landscape. Because of this you will want to ask the right questions in order to make sure that they have the appropriate experience and equipment to handle the job.

  4. John Wik
    December 9, 2019

    Thanks for sharing great information it helps to find best landscape services.

  5. Taylor Wright
    January 15, 2020

    I like how you mentioned thinking long-term with maintenance services and that you’re on the same page with the company. My wife wants to make sure her flower bed looks good going into the spring. I’ll be sure to find a good service online that can help us out.

  6. Zoe Campos
    March 9, 2020

    Thank you for telling me that a good service provider will be able to intervene, do the job even after working hours, and finish the project on time. My uncle runs a local tea shop and since the shop is always filled with customers, he doesn’t have enough time to look after the lawn in front of his business. It might be better for him to look for a commercial lawn care provider that can maintain his yard properly.

  7. charles walk
    March 24, 2020

    I thought that it was helpful when you mentioned that we should consider the knowledge and experience of a company because reputable companies won’t avoid our questions. That sounds like a great way to find one who we will be able to rely on, so I appreciate that you mentioned it. My wife and I are talking about helping her brother find the right landscaping contractor for his yard, and it will be important for us to know that we are referring him to the right one. To be sure that they will be good, I will ask them questions before hiring them.

  8. Jenny
    September 15, 2020

    I want to thanks for your time for this wonderful Article!! I definitely enjoying every little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you blog post.

  9. Levi Armstrong
    October 12, 2020

    I like that you said that I should identify my needs first to know what type of landscaping service I am specifically looking for. My husband recently inherited a grand estate from his parents. We’re planning to live there fulltime, but we would need the services of a landscaping company. With what you’ve said, I now know that I would like to hire a landscaping service that has an eco-friendly approach. Thanks!

  10. Victoria Addington
    October 30, 2020

    The company I applied to work for is aiming to develop a consistent landscape design. When I got accepted, one of the things I had to do is to hire a reliable commercial landscaping service that offers maintenance services. With that considered, I shall then follow your tip to talk to the service providers and ask them about their experience, knowledge, and availability.

  11. dad
    November 20, 2020

    Wonderful content is there on your blog. I got good information on your blog compared to other blogs. It is very useful to me. Thanks for sharing this information and keep share good information on your blog.

  12. Jay Ren
    May 28, 2021

    That’s a good point you make about addressing the state of things before landscape maintenance can even be considered. I have worked on homes for flipping where the lawn was terrible. The grass just needed to be replaced and the sprinkler system needed repair. But, all the current owner at the time wanted was maintenance.

  13. Henry Killingsworth
    June 10, 2021

    It’s great that you explained that it is important to find a commercial landscaper that has a well-organized system. A commercial landscaper with a good system means that they are going to complete their work in a good amount of time. You wouldn’t want to hire a landscaping company that is going to take forever to complete their work.

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