fallen tree in fron of a house

Can you spot this common characteristics of dangerous trees?

Spot a dangerous tree before it’s too late

Fallen tree in backyard
A tree that fell after a storm in Neptune Beach, Florida.

If you fear about a probable hazardous tree we recommend you to check out our article on how to assess if you need a tree removal, but if you are in the hurry or want a reference to aid you with a quick inspection, we came up this infographic to assist you in the evaluation of a possibly risky tree.

Warning: There is no substitute for hiring a professional. This graphic is only an aide to help you spot signs not always visible to homeowners, but obvious to experts. When in doubt contact your preferred tree service professional.

Download the PDF version or click the next image to enlarge.

Info-graphic containing examples of most commmon characteristics of hazardous trees.

Header image by woodywonderworks.



Jose Luis Blandon